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Cramorant is a blue bird Pok?mon resembling a cormorant. It has bright green, large, circular eyes with small pupils and a large, thin yellow beak. It has a ruff of light gray feathers that goes around its torso and sticks out at the back, making them resemble a bib. Its tail feathers have a small dot-shaped marking of this same shade of gray. It has a ruff of feathers on its head, with the largest clump pointing backwards and being surrounded by small singular feathers. Its feet are black, webbed, and have three toes. Its wings seem to be perpetually extended.

Pokemon Unite Cramorant

Base Stats



Attack Type: Area
Creates a whirlpool that deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. This move's area of effect slowly shrinks, but the damage dealt slowly increases. The user can also catch Arrokuda or other prey by entering the whirlpool themselves.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Attack Type: Hindrance
Attacks with a wave that deals damage to opposing Pokemon. Once the wave has traveled its full distance, it returns the way it came, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon once again and pulling them back(knockback) with the wave. The user can also catch Arrokuda or other prey by entering the wave themselves.
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Level : Places the move lock condition on opposing Pokemon hit by the waves.
Attack Type: Dash
Changes the designated area into a puddle and has the user dive to that area, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and shoving them when it hits. The user also catches Arrokuda or other wild Pokemon as they emerge from the puddle. This move has 3 uses.
Cooldown: 5.5 seconds
Level : Increases damage dealt by this move.
Feather Dance
Attack Type: Hindrance
Decreases the Attack and movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time.
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Attack Type: Ranged
Creates a fierce wind, throwing (knock up) Pokemon that get caught in it and dealing damage to them when they fall to the ground.
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Level : Also decreases the Defense and Sp. Def of opposing Pokemon.
Air Slash
Attack Type: Ranged
Has the user shoot out many blades of air while jumping back to create distance.
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Level : Increase movement speed and reduce damage taken.Reduces this move's cooldown every time a blade of air hits an opposing Pokemon.
Unite Move
Attack Type: Ranged
Cramorant's Unite Move. Creates a puddle at the user's current location. The user continuously uses their mouth to grab Arrokuda from the puddle and spits them out to attack the nearest opposing Pokmeon. The user cannot move or use other moves while this move is in effect.
Cooldown: 1 seconds